The Torre venere winery, since his birth, devoted particular attention to the production of quality wines, ecofriendly and ecosustainable.

From the agronomic poin of view, the company follows il Piano regionale di lotta fitopatologia integrata (PRLFI), coordinated by campania region, overseeing, checking and certificating use of pesticides and fetilizers, in order to allow an ecofriendly production , protecting the ecologic and environmental aspect, respecting a production economically satisfactory. For Torre Venere the only agricoltural conceivable is environmental friendly, low environmental impact, with a serious rationalization of the use of phitohealth products and non toxics products with selectivity toward atropodofauna useful.

The Torre venere’s wines are products of a cultivation and vinification careful of the quality of the product and the respect of environment and health. With consciousness and conviction of the importance of the indissoluble binding which links a wine to his territory, Torre Venere bottles exclusively the company’s production, ensuring maximum of traceability: the informations contained in every label allow the final consumer to go back, from the single bottle to the specific land parcel and, then, to the single vines sourced of the grapes.

A Warranty of safety and authenticity, made for the preservation, of the certification and quality of our wines. In our company we don’t use elements powered by wood or fuel (except for tractors) but we have a large consume of renewable energies: the heating is electric, powered by photovoltaic panels, which allow to obtain over 7000 kw/ per year of power. For the hot water production, the company has been equipped with a solar thermal implant. Torre Venere spends maximum attention to the carbonic balance, with low emission and activating every means in order to ease the capture from the atmosphere of co2. Therefore, almost 20% of the company area is destined to forest: this allows to recover 1.5 tons of co2. For the preservation of the environment and the quality of products, Torre Venere dedicates particular attention to the care of fertility of the lands, practicing even the green manure, done regularly, and the removal for subsequent use of the pruning residues , so as to obtain a balance almost neutral . These practices allow to protect naturally soils, limiting erosive processes, controlling the spread of infestations and parasites and safeguarding the stability of the structure, as well as contribute to protect aquifer.

Environment respect

The respect for the environment has always characterized the Torre Venere’s company, which had the goal to improve techniques in order to safeguard lands and products, from year to year. Step by step. The excellent and controlled quality of the grapes comes from practices used every day, during all the vegetative season: avoiding stress for soil and plant with useless chemicals interventions; eliminate obviously infestants herbs, allowing to the roots of descending deeply into the ground in order to find water and nutritive substances; pay attention to maintenance of the forest state near the company’s lands, for capturing co2: produce clean energy through renewable sources.

Environmental friendly

The agricultural practiced by Torre Venere is environmental friendly, not a coverage which allows occasionally the use of chemical products. Into the company, doesn’t focus attention exclusively on the reduce of the use of pesticides, but try to go on to proceed toward an agricultural of the future, sustainable, health friendly and low environmental impact, 360 degrees.