Production area: Castelvenere (BN) Campania Region
Vines: all owned in Castelvenere
Vine: Aglianico and Sangiovese
Tipe of soil: clay of gray sandstone matrix
Vine exposition: slight exposure to East
Agronomic characteristics: About 3,000 vines per hectare with an average production of 2 kg per vine.
Type of farming: eco-friendly integrated viticulture (PRLFI, PCA) Controlled use of health facilities.
Technical culture: without animal manure, green manure legume nitrogen only; grassing, minimally processed.
Canopy management: thinning shoots and sfemminellatura manuals, final thinning at veraison to limit production to 55 to 60 q per hectare.
Harvest: manual in boxes of about 15 kg. with grape selection
Harvest time: mid-October
Vinification: red, with maceration in rotoclave
Fermentation: Natural without external yeast
Ageing: 3-4 months in stainless steel tanks and bottled
Alcohol: 13.5% vol
Packaging: glass type Top TS dark glass shielding to improve conservation
Filling: In a sterile environment after natural sedimentation, filtration and stabilization of the absence of adjuvants.
Albumin NO, NO CASEIN.
Closing: Nomacorc vegetable quality BIO Select Series first cap in the world with no carbon footprint.
Storage: if possible horizontally, avoiding sudden changes in temperature, away from heat sources.
Tasting notes: Bright ruby red color, with aromas of red fruits such as strawberries and cherries in brandy, accompanied by balsamic and spicy notes. The palate is well structured and balanced.
Serving temperature: 12 ° - 14 ° C
Serving suggestions: Classic combinations of structured red wines with meat sauces, seasoned cheeses.
Note to consumers: Ehico is a particular red wine. The attentive care in the field, the traditional vinification without external yeasts, the winery operations without the use of animal substances, nor sulfur dioxide added to make it a distinctive product and not comparable to a wine made with standard methodologies. Particular attention was also intended to wrapping using plant-caps of Nomacorc "BIO Select" series without carbon footprint and shielding bottles to facilitate the preservation of the product.